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ICI Properties

My site offers a wide range of search opportunities when you begin to look for an Industrial, Commercial or Investment (ICI) properties.  Start with my "Enhanced Listings" to get a taste of some of the top properties I have in my personal database. Then search our local Commercial Multiple Listings Service (MLS) to view commercial properties for sale or lease by all registered realtors.


If you don't have time to continuously search for a new commercial property opportunities, let my system do the work for you. Simply register to have your commercial search updated automatically.

Let Me Be Your Team Leader!

Whatever search option you explore, let me help you investigate. If you find a commercial property that services your requirements, simply enter the MLS# into the box provided, fill out your contact info and let me do the rest. I'll make inquiries and get back to you with more information.  If the property suits your requirements, we can schedule a tour of the commercial property.  


If you are not finding your ideal property, you are not alone.  Unlike residential homes, industrial, commercial and investment properties are not listed on average 50% of the time.  We refer to these non listed opportunities as ‘off market’ or ‘private’.  For those Landlords who have commercial properties available for lease whose company policy is not to list on MLS, I keep in contact with them regularly and track their available inventory.  ICI properties available for sale, but not listed, are often for reasons that Sellers do not want their customers, suppliers or employees to know, for fear that their intensions to sell their property may be negatively perceived.  Another universal reason for ‘off-market’ opportunities is that Landlords and Sellers don’t want their real estate transactions to be posted via MLS.  To best serve my Clients, I take personal pride in finding the best suitable available property that fulfills their requirements be it listed or ‘off-market’.